February 27, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Deller Sims

Tags: Direct Instruction, ESL Instruction, Implementation, Methodology, Results, Student Stories

I had a Hispanic student that could speak English and Spanish, but could not read or write in either language. The phonetics [system] in the Reading Horizons program aided this student in learning to read English. The alphabet is pronounced different in Spanish. The student was able to learn the correct pronunciation of the English alphabet. In [the] Reading Horizons [Software] the student was able to model the instructor and record himself and then listen to hear if he pronounced letters and words correctly. This student made it to the Intermediate Test I in the Reading Horizons Program. At the beginning he was at 0.0 reading level. After completing the Intermediate Test I he was reading on a 3.5 reading level.

Grade Level: Secondary