March 01, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: California Department of Education Social Content

california department of education social content review

California Department of Education Social Content Review, Reading Horizons Little Books

The California Department of Education reviewed the following for compliance with California Education Code Sections 60040 thorugh 60044 and 60048, cited in the State board of Education guidelines in Standards for Evaluating Instructional Materials and Social Content:

  • Reading Horizons Discovery Kingergarten Little Books, Gr. K c.2016
  • Reading Horizons Discovery Little Books, Gr. 1-3, c.2016
  • Reading Horizons Discovery Little Books Teacher's Edition, Gr. 1-3, c.2016

The review panel found the instructional materials have met the social content standards. View the text of the review below:

Congratulations! The review panel found that your instructional materials have met the social content standards required under the California Education Code (EC) sections 60040 through 60044 and 60048, cited in the State Board of Education guidelines in Standards for Evaluating Instructional Materials for Social Content. These guidelines ensure that materials portray democratic values, cultural pluralism, and the diversity of our population by emphasizing people in a variety of positive roles. This approval is for social content only and does not constitute state-adoption.

The social content review process does not include a review of the educational content; that review is the responsibility of the county office, district, or school that may be purchasing non-adopted materials. Any misrepresentation of this approval will result in the disqualification of your material.

Please note that if, at a later date, issues arise involving the social content of your approved materials, we may require additional reviews and possible changes may be required.

Reviewers are encouraged, during their review, to submit any comments that may be helpful to the publisher. Although these comments are not citations, you are strongly encouraged to consider these comments and concerns prior to the next printing or new edition of the material in question. If comments were received regarding your materials, they are enclosed.

Materials that have met the social content standards will be included on the California Department of Education's (CDE) Instructional Materials Social Content Review Web page at HTTP://

***The Little Books are part of the Reading Horizons® elementary reading curriculum which is an important supplemental component of explicit phonics instruction. Learn more about the complete reading curriculum here. Be sure and watch one of our Reading Horizons reviews on YouTube.***

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