Putting Evidence-Based Literacy Initiatives in Action

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There are many challenges connected to reading instruction so its especially exciting to hear some good news about what works! This episode explores the work of the National Center on Improving Literacy (NCIL) with Deputy Director, Sarah Sayko, and two schools that have adopted an evidence-based literacy model to teach reading. A principal and reading specialist explain the process and its effectiveness in their schools. 


sarah-saykoSarah Sayko, M.Ed., is a Deputy Director at the National Center on Improving Literacy (NCIL). She is a Senior Research Associate at RMC Research Corporation in Arlington, VA. Sarah is the West Virginia State Coordinator for the Appalachia Regional Comprehensive Center. Ms. Sayko is experienced in designing professional learning experiences and resources for school leaders and practitioners in evidence-based literacy practices and on how to implement these practices in schools. She was an elementary reading coach and literacy specialist in two Massachusetts school districts and is a certified K-12 reading specialist. Sarah also leads the Parent and Family Strand at NCIL.

Website: National Center on Improving Literacy

josh-spanglerJosh Spangler is currently the principal at Maple Ridge Elementary School in Somerset, PA. Before becoming principal at Maple Ridge, he served as a principal and a kindergarten teacher for Berlin Brothersvalley School District. Mr. Spangler can be reached at jspang@sasd.us.

tambra-isenbergTambra Isenberg is a reading specialist and Title 1 reading teacher with South Williamsport School District in Pennsylvania. She has served as a kindergarten and first-grade teacher and has taught students in a variety of special education settings ranging from kindergarten to high school.

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