April 01, 2010

Developing Fluent Readers

Reading fluency is receiving increased visibility in classrooms around the world, yet many programs fail to understand how to fully integrate this essential reading skill into a reading curriculum. Likewise, programs face challenges in knowing how to explicitly develop this important skill. Teachers and Program Administrators struggle with knowing how to balance both silent and oral reading fluency instruction. Most fluency assessments focus on oral fluency. Dr. Neil J. Anderson maintains that if you want to develop strong, fluent oral readers you must first develop strong, fluent silent readers.

Duration: 1:02:43

About the Presenter

Dr. Neil J. Anderson

Dr. Neil J. Anderson defines reading fluency as reading at an appropriate rate with adequate comprehension. This webinar will focus on how this definition can be implemented in classrooms. He will review the pedagogical rationale for building reading fluency and suggest activities that teachers, especially those working with second language readers, can use for explicit classroom instruction on how to build and improve reading fluency.

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