October 18, 2018

Scientific Spelling

Duration: 54:41

About the Presenter

Scott Mills, MA

Scott Mills, MA is a dual language teacher in Northern Virginia. He runs a website, Language InnerViews for Educators (LIV(E)), a full-service agency offering insights into how the English writing system actually works. Mills has been teaching in dual language classrooms for over five years. A native of Portland, Oregon, he has lived in Argentina, South Korea, Washington D.C., and recently moved back to Portland. For the past few years, he has been implementing Structured Word Inquiry (SWI). He is continually studying with the brightest minds in orthography (with trips to France and Chicago), and has authored multiple publications and resources for teachers on the topic of spelling. He received his Masters of Arts in Teaching from Eastern Oregon University in 2013 and his Bachelors of Arts in International Relations from the University of Oregon in 2007.

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