October 18, 2018

Screening for Dyslexia: Expert Panel Discussion

Duration: 53:12

About the Presenter

Shantell Berrett, MA; Donell Pons, M.Ed.; and Laura Axtell, M.Ed.

Shantell Thaxton Berrett, MA has a B.A. in English teaching and a M.A. in Education with a Reading Science concentration. She has both basic and advanced training and certification in Orton-Gillingham from her International Dyslexia Association accredited graduate program. She is also LETRS and CERI trained. Shantell was an English teacher for three years and a tutor in reading and English for 15 years and a dyslexia tutor for 10 years. Shantell is currently the Lead Professional Development and Dyslexia Specialist for Reading Horizons. She is a reading and dyslexia consultant for schools across the nation. Shantell is a member of Decoding Dyslexia Utah and the International Dyslexia Association.

Donell Pons, M.Ed. earned a dual master's degrees in Education and Teaching from Westminster College along with a certification in Special Education. She is also a tutor in several Orton-Gillingham based reading programs and a certified dyslexia screener and consultant. Pons currently sits on the board of Decoding Dyslexia Utah and works at the University of Utah Reading Clinic.

Laura Axtell, M.Ed. has master’s degrees in special education and counseling and has worked in K-12 regular and alternative education in the U.S. and internationally, served as a community college instructor, and conducted training and workshops in diverse settings around the world. She currently serves as an Educational Specialist/Trainer with Reading Horizons and is the host of the educational podcast, Podclassed.

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