January 01, 2011

The Essential Components of an RTI Implementation

This informative RTI webinar will focus on the five phases of an RTI implementation and the non-negotiable components of RTI. Many school districts begin RTI as an add-on responsibility due to a mandate or best practice document from the state and never address the phases of implementation. Typically those districts are doomed to failure by ignoring that RTI is a paradigm shift in how we educate children, not simply an add-on responsibility or an eligibility determination for special education.

Duration: 1:04:18

About the Presenter

Dr. John E. McCook

Dr. John E. McCook serves on the advisory board for the Special Educator and for Carnegie Learning Middle School Math. He has written several publications regarding legal issues in special education and Section 504. LRP has published his manuals regarding the pre-referral process and his book, The RTI Guide: Developing and Implementing a Model in Your Schools, which he believes will merge general and special education into a seamless entity. Dr. McCook's second book on RTI, entitled Leading the RTI Process, was published in 2009 by LRP Publications. He is president of McCook and Associates, an educational consulting firm.

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