Reading Workshop

In the Reading Workshop you will gain the right teaching strategies to make learningto read a simple, enjoyable experience for your students.

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Learning to read shouldn’t be a struggle...
neither should teaching it.

Because reading is natural for many learners, including their teachers, most people don’t need to know the process involved in learning to read. Thus, few know how to explain it. This makes it extremely difficult to help beginning and struggling readers understand what they need to do to find reading success. The Reading Horizons Online Reading Workshop simplifies the challenge of teaching reading into simple and powerful skills that clarify how to read, including: the Five Phonetic Skills, Two Decoding Skills, and the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet. With the right tools and strategies, you can make learning to read a simple, enjoyable experience for your students. 

Free, Flexible, Foundational

We know that resources can be tight in schools. But because we know the strategies taught in the Reading Horizons methodology can make a big difference in the lives of beginning readers, struggling readers, and English Language Learners, we want every teacher to have the opportunity to learn these strategies regardless of funding and other obstacles. That is why we offer every educator 30 days of free access (and unlimited free access to customers) to the reading workshop online course—providing ample time for any educator to complete the training.

Upon completing the workshop, teachers can take an assessment to prove their understanding of the material and receive a certificate of completion that can be submitted for free professional development credit!

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Help Students Make Average Gains of 2 to 3 Grade Levels in Reading

When implementing the strategies taught in the workshop, most teachers spend 20-30 minutes of class time each day. Upon receiving 40-60 hours of Reading Horizons instruction, the average student gains two to three grade levels in reading.

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Workshop - Help students make average gains of 2 to 3 grade levels in reading

Learn at Your Own Pace

We know you are busy and have a lot to juggle as a teacher. That is why the Online Reading Workshop was created so it can be saved and paused at any time. That way you can split the six-hour training course into manageable chunks that work with your schedule.

At the completion of the course, you will feel confident that you can reach every beginning reader and effectively intervene with struggling readers and English Language Learners.

Workshop - Learn at your own pace

What Will I Learn in the Reading Horizons Online Reading Workshop?

As an educator, you know that being an effective reading teacher takes preparation. Yet even talented, certified teachers with years of professional development and teaching experience are unsure of the best way to teach students to read. That’s because they were never shown how to teach reading most effectively.

The Reading Horizons Online Reading Workshop was specifically created to teach the how. You will learn proven, research-based strategies that help students develop a solid foundation of reading skills.

Learn how the Reading Workshop teaches:

Strategies for Teaching Phonemic Awareness | Strategies for Teaching Phonics | Strategies for Teaching Decoding | Multi-Sensory Teaching Techniques

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