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Ian Francis

The Reading Horizons program has also helped my reading and my pronouncing words correctly a lot. Now I feel that I can help my father, who is also dyslexic and a diabetic person, by reading his letters and filling (out) forms, etc. He depends totally on me, and I am happy … read more ›

John Hamann

I am so very pleased with Reading Horizons that I cannot keep from smiling every time I review our state test scores. Due to your excellent curriculum, our scores are tops in the state at every level. Our reading scores are well above state average at the third-grade level … read more ›

Chad Costagno

We have been using Reading Horizons for two years now and it has helped many of my students improve their reading levels. While using this program we had a student improve 1.5 grade levels in 8 months. I'm a firm believer in this system and I hope to keep using it for many … read more ›
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