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Sally Schumacher

Reading Horizons helps my ESL students with pronunciation, reading, and spelling. The program gives the students a roadmap to make sense of the language. read more ›

Dana Boam

Reading and writing require many skills. But a solid foundation in phonics underpins all other reading and writing skills. So for that, I heartily recommend Reading Horizons. read more ›

Jessica Frisch

I wanted to mention how thrilled and impressed I am to see the growth that has taken place with my Title 1 students this year. I wanted to let you know that I believe it is largely due to the [Reading Horizons] curriculum Judy has used this year in Title 1 (not to mention … read more ›

Dr. Molly O'Shea

Many ELL students are saying that they are learning more about their own language and its functions, things that they had never realized before, thanks to Reading Horizons! Reading Horizons provides another benefit for so many of our refugee students---how to discover … read more ›

Patti Groce

Micki is making wonderful progress using the Reading Horizons program. She loves the vocabulary portion of the system because she is rebuilding the vocabulary she has lost due to MS. As Micki progresses through the program she is beginning to remember some of the phonics … read more ›
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