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Therese Smith

I have a 2nd grade student who is reading at the kindergarten level. In the past he would look at the first letter and guess a word. We are now adding ending consonants to cvc words. However, I noticed that when he is trying to decode a word he covers up the ending … read more ›

Erin Parker

We have been very happy with our experience with the online Reading Horizons program. The students enjoy the reading program and are learning a lot. read more ›

Walter J. Peach, Ph.D.

If you've tried other approaches and failed, or if you doubt the effectiveness of phonics, spend six weeks using the Reading Horizons approach, and watch the reading skills of your adult learners soar. read more ›

Janet Peterson

I had a little boy (who) knew about average letters (but had no background in) sounds, no blending, and no reading. He graduated from my class knowing all letters, sounds, blending, (and) spelling and could write small sentences. In fact, he would sit down with his … read more ›
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