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Johnna Bolin

My awesome principal introduced me to Reading Horizons. My nephew is dyslexic and WE have struggled for years with reading. Since I teach first grade, I plan to not only implement it into my classroom but also with my 11-year-old nephew, who is on a second-grade reading … read more ›

Jen Balch

G. DeAngelis has completed the intermediate Reading Horizons and has improved his reading fluency by 31 wpm and is reading on a 5th grade level.  He started on a 4th grade level reading 78 wpm.  E. Jensen has done 69 lessons in Reading Horizons and has improved … read more ›

Harmony Wilson

I am using Reading Horizons and both my students and I love it!  The students say that it has helped them with spelling and sounding out words in their text books.  I noticed that their reading test scores have improved since I started using the program. read more ›

Brian Brown

The strength of Reading Horizons program is that it empowers people to read. It gives them the skills and confidence through successfully completing reading lessons. I have seen students' eyes light up knowing that this program has given them the tools to be a better reader. … read more ›
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