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Brian Brown

The strength of Reading Horizons program is that it empowers people to read. It gives them the skills and confidence through successfully completing reading lessons. I have seen students' eyes light up knowing that this program has given them the tools to be a better reader. … read more ›

Carol Valentine

I like Reading Horizons very much, and saw impressive gains from my students in only 5 weeks. My students (a fragile group by any standards) were totally engaged, and really motivated by the immediate feedback of having mastered a lesson, and being able to track their … read more ›

Karen Blakeley

The explicit teaching is great.  The kids and I enjoy it.  The teacher who has my last year’s class is impressed by the reading and spelling ability of the whole class. I am finding the greatest benefit is seeing it flow over to the kids writing. read more ›

Miriam Lungu

I didn't know anything.  Now I can read, write, speak and understand English well. One day my grade 7 daughter came from school with a letter from school. She gave it to me and I started reading it to her. She was very happy. Then she started encouraging me to continue … read more ›

Martha Barrett

We are using the Reading Horizons program with our Zambian adult women. Although it's a slow process, they are learning. Some of these women have never been to school so you can imagine the difficulties they have.  Yet they are willing and eager to learn to read … read more ›
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