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Liz Carr

I wanted to let you know the progress of the student I have been working with.  She has gone from a 4.4 RL (October 19, 2011) to a 5.2 RL (Feb. 2, 2012). I see her decoding ability improving; she is able to prove a word more rapidly in her head or out loud. read more ›

Mary Kernodle

Reading Horizons courseware has received a positive reaction from the instructors and students in the Los Angeles County Jails’ Correctional Educational Program. Reading Horizons is ideal for the illiterate and low-level reading student who needs concentrated phonics … read more ›

Sister Rosella Lacovitch

I just wanted to mention that one of our adult students who has faithfully used (the Reading Horizons) reading program in our evening program has scored very high in the Casas Reading test. She danced on air when I showed her the results. Your reading program puts smiles on … read more ›

Russ Lee

I have used your materials to teach low income Hispanic students who are enrolled in a family Literacy program. During our reading it is great and very rewarding to see the students applying what they have learned with Reading Horizons to their everyday reading. I have also … read more ›
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