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Mary Kernodle

Reading Horizons courseware has received a positive reaction from the instructors and students in the Los Angeles County Jails’ Correctional Educational Program. Reading Horizons is ideal for the illiterate and low-level reading student who needs concentrated phonics … read more ›

Brian Brown

The strength of Reading Horizons program is that it empowers people to read. It gives them the skills and confidence through successfully completing reading lessons. I have seen students' eyes light up knowing that this program has given them the tools to be a better reader. … read more ›

Nina Stokes

I would recommend the Reading Horizons Reading Library Books to others for many reasons, but the greatest one is that it gets students reading that didn't want to read before. They don't even realize they are "doing" Science and Social Studies and the articles relate to … read more ›

David Hinrichs

I have consistently used Reading Horizons as my primary go to curriculum for assisting struggling reading students.  I use the STAR reading program, but I use Reading Horizons when it comes to fluency and comprehension.  I love how the materials are divided up … read more ›

Ian Spaulding

I love Reading Horizons because it was easy to install and get started with.  It was simple to teach facilitators how to setup users and get the students going.  Reports were straightforward and simple to understand. read more ›
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