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Russ Lee

I have used your materials to teach low income Hispanic students who are enrolled in a family Literacy program. During our reading it is great and very rewarding to see the students applying what they have learned with Reading Horizons to their everyday reading. I have also … read more ›

Carol Valentine

I like Reading Horizons very much, and saw impressive gains from my students in only 5 weeks. My students (a fragile group by any standards) were totally engaged, and really motivated by the immediate feedback of having mastered a lesson, and being able to track their … read more ›

Tina Peters

I came to Canada on May 24, 2007. I am a single mom with three children, and my uncle met us at the airport in Edmonton. In September, the children started elementary school, and I started attending the ESL program at Northern Lakes College in La Crete. In the Reading … read more ›

Dr. Molly O'Shea

Many ELL students are saying that they are learning more about their own language and its functions, things that they had never realized before, thanks to Reading Horizons! Reading Horizons provides another benefit for so many of our refugee students---how to discover … read more ›
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