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Brian Brown

The strength of Reading Horizons program is that it empowers people to read. It gives them the skills and confidence through successfully completing reading lessons. I have seen students' eyes light up knowing that this program has given them the tools to be a better reader. … read more ›

Carol Valentine

I like Reading Horizons very much, and saw impressive gains from my students in only 5 weeks. My students (a fragile group by any standards) were totally engaged, and really motivated by the immediate feedback of having mastered a lesson, and being able to track their … read more ›

Tina Peters

I came to Canada on May 24, 2007. I am a single mom with three children, and my uncle met us at the airport in Edmonton. In September, the children started elementary school, and I started attending the ESL program at Northern Lakes College in La Crete. In the Reading … read more ›
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