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Katherine Haines

With Reading Horizons, students (who) have very low reading and writing skills are able to be successful. The student’s self-confidence increases with mastering each test and level. They can work at their own pace, which decreases stress level and increases the … read more ›

Steven Squillante

In the three months that our school has been using Reading Horizons we have seen incredible results. In addition to the overwhelming interest by our student body, several teachers have commented on increased confidence levels in class, increased fluency, and more accurate … read more ›

Gracie Grimes

I use this program with all (of) my students, even those who spell, write, and read well. We do it as an entire class. This is an effort to erase any stigma for those who need the review or who never were able to pick up the benefits of phonics. The ESL students can benefit … read more ›
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