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Patti Groce

Micki is making wonderful progress using the Reading Horizons program. She loves the vocabulary portion of the system because she is rebuilding the vocabulary she has lost due to MS. As Micki progresses through the program she is beginning to remember some of the phonics … read more ›

Miriam Lungu

I didn't know anything.  Now I can read, write, speak and understand English well. One day my grade 7 daughter came from school with a letter from school. She gave it to me and I started reading it to her. She was very happy. Then she started encouraging me to continue … read more ›

Jen Balch

G. DeAngelis has completed the intermediate Reading Horizons and has improved his reading fluency by 31 wpm and is reading on a 5th grade level.  He started on a 4th grade level reading 78 wpm.  E. Jensen has done 69 lessons in Reading Horizons and has improved … read more ›
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